Recent Activities

Recent Activities

Went to Sustainability Live! at the NEC. A great show, it seems the Green economy boom has arrived. We were mainly interested in the NEMEX (The National Energy Management exhibition) and ET (Environmental Technology) strands but it was all good stuff. There were lots and lots of energy monitoring solutions to check out, and some neat Green ideas. Discovered a new range of Trade Show Freebies too – a wooden USB stick, a biodegradeable biro and a mini-wind-up torch.

Have also attended a number of meetings recently. Firstly, a project meeting Rob Bristow, JISC programme manager of the Greening ICT programme – we discussed the project plans and the main deliverables, aims and objectives. Very helpful in focussing our activities. Rob emphasised the need for us to work closely with related projects on the  programme, and last week we had a meeting with Peter James, who is managing a closely related JISC project which is promoting videoconferencing. We plan to work closely with Peter and his colleagues over the coming months and we had a useful and productive meeting.

That was closely followed by a meeting with Peter and others from JANET-UK and the JANET Videoconferencing Service regarding  extracting data from the booking service in order to offer feedback to JVCS Booking Service users on the Greenhouse gases they have saved by not travelling. There are various difficulties in calculating distances when there is more than two sites involved, and so some assumptions might need to be made – which is one of the issues that this project is addressing.

Then a chat with a representative of Enistic Limited. We are looking for some equipment which will help us measure and log the consumption of electricity on a pre-socket basis. There is a requirements specification (reqs-spec-002.pdf ) for the equipment we need. Enistic’s products seem to tick most of the boxes, but we need to do some further investigation before purchasing anything at this stage. if anyone knows of anything else that meets our requirements let us know…

That was swiftly followed by a virtual visit to the JISC RSC-Wales Greener Learning  event in Cardiff. Attended by videoconference and was part of the Welsh Video Network stand at the conference exhibition. Had some useful and interesting chats with a number of the people attending. Three colleagues went in a car from Swansea and helped me by handing out flyers and contact sheets, but I reckon I saved 76.5kg of CO2 emissions if I have understood DEFRA’s guidelines correctly (cf. ).

That’s just about my weight in carbon! scary.

Instead this is the view I got:


Thanks to Stuart, Alison and Joanne for getting all those contacts and engaging with the exhibition visitors… and thanks to all those who filled out a Contact Form – we will be in touch soon…

First blog – manufacturers’ sites.

This is the first blog to be published by this project. It is a test as much as anything. As this project progresses, we will be examining the claims of videoconferencing manufacturers that publish carbon reduction calculators for videoconferencing on their sites. See what some of the manufacturers and resellers haveto say on the subject of reducing your emissions at the following web sites:

Tandberg –

PolyCom –

Radvision –


Lifesize –

This is but a taste of what is out there. No doubt this blog will return to this subject in more detail as the project develops.